Should you "bet" on javascript and "dive deep" in the front-end world?

I am a middle full-stack web developer. I think, that in projects bigger than blog/landing page there should be explicit division between developers (who will be responsible for front-end/back-end). I have a good enough work experience on the back-end (PHP, Yii, Symfony, Wordpress, SQL), and also an experience in front-end, in particular i am working with AngularJS 1 for 1 year. For the last time, i started to notice a huge amount of job proposals for MEAN/Angular2/React dev and so on, where the main language is js (typescript in case of angular 2). Also, i saw charts where the popularity of front-end/mean way increased a lot. The question: in your opinion, should you “bet” on javascript and “dive deep” in the front-end/mean world? Or the increased popularity of the js is just a hype/temporarily phenomenon which has no stable future?

10 years ago there might have been a discussion about this, but now you don’t need to ‘bet’ on JavaScript’s success. It’s not going away any time soon, and if you learn it you shouldn’t have trouble finding work.

That being said, back-end developers (even in PHP) will continue to be in demand, so it’s a case of choosing what’s right for you based on your existing skill-set, interests, time available to learn etc.


Be a UI/UX Focused Software Developer. Right now JavaScript is big and it’s a safe bet to make, but make sure you’re increasing your skills as Software Developer who focuses on user interaction and experience. Be able to adapt and change and see what’s coming and where your skills need to go.

For instance, Web Assembly is coming and I feel like it’s going to change the way we interact with web based applications entirely. It will push much of the functionality we only get natively, able to be accessed from the web. This may or may not be written in JavaScript, but it will certainly shake things up. Making big bets on WASM at this point, wouldn’t be a good move for your immediate career goals.

React is also betting on this same sort of path. They are trying to become a UI Framework using JavaScript, not really necessarily a JavaScript Framework.

As others said, knowing Javascript these days is a must and should know 1 or more modern frameworks like React/Redux, NG4, and etc…

Also it’s ok to learn something may or may not be used at the job. For example, I’m expert in NG2+ but had to use React instead. Knowing NG definitely helped to learn React since both share similar functionalities. As of now, I would definitely learn both.

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