Should I use GoDaddy for my domain provider?

I am going to let my dad buy me a domain that I chose on GoDaddy how is their security is it really good? I need it for my Ecommerce website thanks for all the help and one more question is the cost a good/bad deal and it really worth it?


Domain or web hosting? Honestly I would stay away from GoDaddy. If you are getting a domain, there are cheaper alternatives (and pretty much any provider is fine for the domain name part of things). If you are talking about web hosting, I would go with a host like BlueHost or Siteground. They can be a bit more pricy compared to others, but their services is bar none some of the best I have seen.

If you are really tech savy and want to really get your hands dirty, you could even setup a website on something like AWS and be your own host. The advantage here is that you can tweak everything and install whatever you want.

But just shop around for your host and pick one that fits your needs. As for the actual domain registrar, you can go with anyone really. :slight_smile:

Have a search of the forums.

I think it’s safe to assume that the OP is a novice, and advice should be offered on that basis.


I prefer small hosts and get better customer service. They might not answer questions immediately but if you want something installed they are likely to help or do it for you.

I also have two sites on “custom” packages as I didn’t need to go up to the next price band so save a few pounds a year.

Most hosts are secure now as they all tend to use the same software but the problem can be other sites on the shared server that may have loopholes.

Most hosts now do backups whereas a few years ago you had to do it yourself and if you pick a host with cPanel it is quite simple to setup the options and emails. Some hosts have their own management software and a friend was on one of those and it was a nightmare to do anything.

Good luck with your website and you can come back here if you have problems.


I am planning to change localhost to a domain I saw in the vid it is complicated any easier ways?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

If you want to make a public website, then as well as a domain name, you will need a hosting package - space on a server somewhere that can be accessed by visitors to your site. You do not want to make any attempt to allow people to access the files on your own computer.

It is not difficult to upload files to hosting, but if you need help, please start a new thread for the new question.

If you are using Wordpress there are plugins that make it straight forward and if you have a site you built yourself you need to upload the files. We cant say much more without you giving more information

For domain names GoDaddy is more expensive than others. I use Google for some of my domains. One consideration is privacy; do you understand privacy for domain names? With GoDaddy privacy is an additional charge but with Google it is free. One advantage of GoDaddy is that if you have privacy and if someone wants to contact you then they can send a message to the domain name and it is forwarded to you. I am simplifying things; it is a little technical but there are advantages to using GoDaddy. Also understand that if you ever want to transfer a domain to a different registrar (such as from GoDaddy to Google) then you must turn off privacy to do that.

For hosting services many people are frustrated by GoDaddy. GoDaddy can be good for non-technical people such as you; GoDaddy is not very good about providing technical features.

Also avoid website building software that is not open software. GoDaddy has an easy way to create websites (I forget the name) but if you ever decide you need to convert to something else then it will be difficult; they do not want to make it easy. Website builders like in Wix are like that; they make it easy to set up websites but difficult to move if you want to. WordPress is an example of open software; if you use WordPress then you can (relatively) easily move your website elsewhere.

And for uploading existing HTML files to a website in a host you can use FTP or a HTML editor that supports FTP. Most hosts provide a FTP feature that can be used.

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is netfly good?

Yes is good - notice the spelling - there is no Netfly. Also GitHub provide free web page hosting, both are limited and have restrictions, neither provides data bases or email facilities.

There are an abundance of free web hosting providers and also free domains available.

Try the free options first and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile the knowledge gained will help decide on your final decisions.

I personally use Bluehost, not really beginner friendly since it is a self-hosted site, and I don’t know how well it will fare for an e-commerce site since I use it to run blogs. I would stay away from GoDaddy though, renewal rates after your ‘trial’ are atrocious. You can go for beginner-friendly ones like Squarespace as well.

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Be aware that Squarespace is a website builder, not a hosting company. (And it’s a lot more expensive than basic hosting.)


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Where are there free domains? Some hosting providers offer a free domain (usually for just the first year) if (and only if) we purchase hosting from them but I do not call that a free domain. Some host providers will get upset if we want to cancel the hosting and might tell us that we cannot renew the domain if we do not pay for hosting and that is not true.

Okay that is one. It owns at least one other domain providing the same services as it, so that is just one, not an abundance. And only the domain names with either a tk, ml, ga, cf or gq TLD are free.

There are domain name registrars and domain name registrys; we purchase domain names from a registrar but every registrar must obtain the domain name from a registry; see IANA — Root Zone Database for a list of every TLD and the corresponding registry. You can see that VeriSign is the registry for the com (.com) TLD. How To Become A Domain Name Registrar - Verisign talks about registrars and registrys. Verisign Announces Increase in .com/.net Domain Name Fees | VeriSign, Inc. is notification of the fee that VeriSign charges (I think it is slightly more now); for every domain name it is the registry for, including each one with a com TLD, VeriSign gets a fee that the registrar must pay. It is a wholesale cost that must be paid somehow.

Sorry for the confusion perhaps I should have made two separate sentences.

Please read my Post #11 again.

There are an abundance of free web hosting providers and also free domains available.

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I do not need this thread anymore I have switched to use netlify since it is my hosting site.

Godaddy is very much popular domain selling website for this world. You can use it . This is highly secured domain selling website within the world.

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