Should I even email her back?

Given the terrible economy in my area I feel I should ask you all this question. I think I know what you all will answer.

Several weeks ago a friend emailed me saying he had a friend who owned a computer business. This friend might need someone with my skills. I sent this person an email with links to my work. She said she would like to meet me. To make a long story short, she said she would call me back after I contacted her. She never called back and never responded to my follow up phone call or email. This was two weeks ago. Suddenly she emails me asking me to come in to her office tomorrow morning to talk about a “small project” she has.

I am hesitant to even reply to this person. If she is so rude as to not even get back to me after my follow ups what’s to say she is this rude when it comes time to collect my check?

What do you think?

I really don’t see any red flags either, I’ve gone through some similar experiences where it took a couple of weeks for somebody to get back to me. Those projects all worked out fine.

I agree - go. Two weeks isn’t long enough to raise any red flags for me…

I think you should go. What have you got to lose?
If you don’t like it you can still walk away.

Btw, that people don’t respond doesn’t necessarily mean they’re rude. It might mean they’re just busy :slight_smile:

She’s rude - that’s one way to look at it, up to you whether that will stop you working for her or not, wouldn’t stop me based on what you’ve said.

A lead took a couple of weeks to turn into a job - that’s another way of looking at it. Standard stuff.

Thanks for the feedback. I made the appointment to see her tomorrow.

;)The interview went very well. I sent her a web proposal She called me back and accepted. I am going to sign her non-compete contract as well as pick up my down payment. Then I will work to get the website done. Of course she gets the files so she can make updates.

However, she does not use Dreamweaver. If she opened this files in another editor might she ruin the work?

Did the appointment go well? Just in follow up to your initial comments, I don’t think it’s rude that she took a while to get back in touch with you. As surprising as it might appear, most people have pretty busy lives and they may not have the luxury of simply calling or emailing people on the whim - schedules can get pretty hectic. The important thing is that she did get back in touch with you (which in all fairness she didn’t have too), there’s no point picking at life’s offerings saying that because people didn’t do things instantly for you, their not worth it (because you would be missing out on pretty much everything). :slight_smile: