Best Follow Up Calls?

I had someone call me in for an interview last week. “She liked my resume” her secretary emailed me. Mind you, I went for an interview a little over a year ago but was never hired. I don’t’ think she remember it was me until she saw me. She recognized me when I arrived. She really liked my latest website. She said they were looking for someone to help out on a contract basis and it might turn into a full time gig. This is the EXACT same thing she told me 1.5 years ago.
She gave me her card and said “keep in touch.” I sent a thank you email. However, I have not heard anything since. I know it’s a very short time, or is it?
If she does not hire me I must give off a very bad impression to people. Maybe I’m too old? I also have a proposal I am waiting to hear back about. Does anyone have any good pointers on making follow up emails and follow up calls?

One advice, helpful or not: stop complaining about yourself.
If you get in touch with people with a “I’m too old” in mind you’re nearly 100% sure to fail.
Accept yourself as you are, work on the parts that you don’t like (OK, age is a thing you can’t really work on, except for accepting it) and then, if you’re OK with what you see in the mirror, you’ll be able to convince others to like you and what you do.
Instead of asking the forums if a or b or c is the right answer, go ask yourself with what you would be happy.

And please, don’t take this post as an offense - but after following many of your posts you seem to me as a person that rather whines about his situation than trying to change or accept it.
Sometimes rough words from a 3rd party help wonders (and sure, sometims not - if so, I’m really sorry!).

// Edit
Oh, and regarding your follow up call - don’t call unless you’re sure you’ve convinced yourself of being able to land the job.
If you are - go for it! Let them think about one or two weeks about it and then nail them down.

:smashy: You make a lot of sense. Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Or maybe the economy’s such that employers can pick and choose who they want for a position? Maybe someone better qualified or willing to work for peanuts?

The thing is, he asked me how much I would be willing to work an hour. I gave him a figure. He said “how about we go a little higher than that.” If this guy does not call me in he’s a major wacko and likes playing head games. LOL! Who would want to work for such a person?

I have a new motto. “If you can join em BEAT EM!”

It think I’ll start my own company and take all these companies clients. :slight_smile:

I see your other thread did you a lot of good.

Or perhaps one of the other interviewees was a better fit.

Well I sent this clown another follow email. I did not hear anything back from him. Either he likes my work but doesn’t like him, or he’s an idiot. To give me his card and say “keep in touch” and not return a simple email is just crazy. I’m holding on to my self respect. I think I’ll try to win over his clients! If you can’t join em beat em!

I used to think email was the best way to communicate with people, but over time learned it’s not half as reliable as it used to be, and lots of email never makes it to the recipient for one reason or another.

I once emailed a friend and got po’ed because he never replied - only to have him apologize 6 months later after he had a handful of old emails show up in his inbox (thanks Godaddy!) :rolleyes:

Truth is maybe he didn’t get your email, or maybe he replied and you didn’t get it for one reason or another - but the only way to know for sure it to talk to him on the phone and find out for sure. Assuming that he got it and is just ignoring you doesn’t do you much good.

For all you know, he’s posting on a forum he frequents about a “clown” he keeps emailing job offers too that never replies to him! :smiley:

I’d recommend following up with a call to get some feedback (as for honest feedback and accept whatever they say)- you’ve got nothing to lose and you could well find out there are several reasons as to why clients aren’t engaging. Once you find this out, you can cover yourself the next time round.