Email prospect clients

hi all

ive taken the time to email a couple of business withh some suggestions on improvements/redesigns i waited a couple of weeks and sent another email just saying not sure if they recieved my last one

my question is how do i turn them into clients should i try an phone them without harassing them what would you guys suggest for them to take to action on getting me n my designer to redo their website?

You’re saying that you mailed them once; you didn’t get a reply; you mailed them again; you still didn’t get a reply; and now you a thinking of contacting them a third time?

And these are people who have never previously contacted you, or who have expressed an interest in purchasing whatever service you are offering?

The conclusion seems inescapable: they are not interested. So, why waste your time with them?

Contacting one or two people at a time, and continuing to press them even though you get no response, doesn’t seem like a very efficient form of marketing.


That’s an oxymoron. :slight_smile:

Would you want them emailing you about their services, and ringing you after you ignored all of their emails? I doubt it. You may get a few hits eventually, but I don’t think it’s a good way to get business, as it means you are annoying a lot of people along the way.