Should i add a schema markup?

What is the importance of schema markup in SEO?
Does it have an impact on SEO?
Should I include it on my website?
It it a ranking factor?

Again, Google is your friend.

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But it is important even for a cultural website (a website about Philosophy, or History i.g.)?

But of course. There are different schema types (mentioned in that article I linked to). Some are for individuals, some are for orgs, some are for products or services. Some are for articles and there are even some for events or videos.

The purpose of the schema is to make it easier for search engines to identify your content and rank it in their index by drawing attention to key values (in other words, you are doing a bit of the search engines work by telling it what is important in your content).

But if you care to get your site to rank for some kind of terms or values, schema markup can help. It is not so much about the site type, but by the content it provides. If your cultural website talks about key historical figures, you could markup one of the figures you talk about or maybe a key article you want to draw attention to.

Again most of that is covered in the article. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! (Your words are more helpful, for me, than that article :blush: )

Definitely, you should use schema as it helps you to increase click through rate of your website but its not a direct ranking factor. I recommend adding different schema on specific page as per your requirements. Let me know if this help.

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There are tons of ranking factors, including Schema Markup, it’s a part of On-Page SEO, and On-Page SEO is necessary for a website to perform well, of course you should add it.

Schema markup is coding *that allows you to create enhanced descriptions that appear in search results.