Is Schema markup worthwhile?

I have spent some time adding schema markup tags to my pages. It is quite a laborious process, is it worth the effort?
What are your opinions on the value of adding such structured data?

Structured data helps Google see your site for what it is and I can’t speak highly enough of them. I wouldn’t restrict yourself to schema though, do a little googling and looking around on the various search engine webmaster guides, they’ll tell you what they like. They also have good testing tools.

Good to know I’m not wasting my time. I did think it must be a good thing for bots to understand the context and meaning of the content, but some people don’t seem to be so enthusiastic about it or believe that it helps with SEO. Mine is not a commercial site, I’m not selling any products, which is what a lot of microdata seems to be for, the site is more informational, but the schema certainly works for thing like events. Google list the events with dates and links.

Are there better ones you would recommend? From what I have seen they seem very similar to me. I went with schema because it appeared to be well supported and all the documentation was there and I seemed to understand it.

PM’d you.

Does using the new HTML5 tags do the job of structured data mark up to some extent?
For example, using the ‘nav’ tag on a menu, then adding mark up saying it’s a site navigation element, also the ‘article’ and ‘section’ tags with mark up to that effect. It seems like ‘belt and braces’ to me. I’m guessing the reason for the introduction of these new, more descriptive tags, is just that, to let machines understand what individual elements are. It does seem a more intuitive way of identifying the purpose of elements.
I just wondered if they negate the need for mark up on these elements. Of course there are not tags for everything, so mark up will still be needed for many things.

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