Should an Internet marketer necessarily blog?

Is it absolutely essential that an aspiring Internet marketer should run his own blog in order to improve the performance of his business website? I have observed that most successful Internet marketers have their blogs pointing towards their primary websites! Can we succeed marketing without a blog supportive of our principal website?

No it is not essential or required. To many of these so called “SEO” people here don’t know a thing about “SEO” and will come in here proclaiming you need a blog, Load of rubbish! A blog is suppose to be a Journal not a vehicle for peddling and trying to game SEs. The most successful blog that people actually care to visit and read on a daily bases are personal journals written with no intentions of trying to get blacklinks or sell something. Once the intention of you blog is no longer to service readers but search engines, Google and other SEs will drop it. (Well I’m sure they are working on it)

I agree with you. Your point is - it is not MANDATORY to have a blog of your own while doing an SEO and quality blogs are they who contribute to community with something worthwhile without willing to get higher ranking or back- links.

Still I would like to place my opinion that it is not going to ham if you maintain a blog of your own and build it with useful quality relevant content. That content should be useful for your readers and not a duplicate, cheap junk.

This way you can build a reputation of your own which will help you in long run to build a brand.

[FONT=verdana]It looks like we’re all going to agree on this one. A blog is definitely not essential for Internet marketing. There might be some cases where an active blog with interesting content will help market your product or service, but in many other cases it will do no good at all. Better to spend the time in developing your main site.


The reason that most internet marketers would claim a blog is necessary is because it is a popular source of consistent content.

The part of the puzzle that IS necessary is adding unique content on a regular basis. Whether you choose to do this through the use of a blog, forum, Q&A section, by adding a lot of internal pages on your site, or by some other way you come up with is entirely up to you.

Having a blog will have many benefits but it’s not something you HAVE to do.

First thing to do is find a niche you’re going to work in… then decide afterwards what type of websites you’re going to use.
So the first thing to figure out isn’t whether to have a blog or not, but what niche you’re going to market to. Then ask the question: Will it be beneficial to have a blog, a website, a squeeze page, a membership site…

Some successful businesses have just a blog, others have a blog as an extension of their website, others have no blog at all.