Should a small Agency really need HR software?

in 1970s and 80s the consultancies and agencies used to process almost every kind of task e.g. Hiring and Recruiting, by paper work and huge manpower. In recent years the technologies have changed a lot ,now for almost every kind of task and data storing Software tools are being used. So My question is that , due to a high value of Sofwares and CRMs ,should a starting small Agency or consultancy use tools like A HR software?

This sounds like an essay question, and the answer for this can be quite subjective.

You might want to consider the pros and cons in order to begin addressing the question (time, manpower, cost, training, company size, etc).

Thanks Yes you can say that… Somewhat like Essay question! But it will be helpful for me, If i could get some more Pros and Cons , ! I need it for a slideshow presentation! :slight_smile:

You will have to do your own research that fits your own particular situation. I’m sure with a bit of googling, you could come up with more than enough basic information.

You can probably generalize a little bit and look for pros/cons for purchasing/implementing/maintaining any sort of software solution for the workplace.

This all depends on how many employees you have in your organization. If it is less than 20 or so, then no point of spending a lot of money on a HR software. But if you have more than 20-30 employees, then you will find that using an HR software will save both money on labor cost as well as time.
If you have a long term goal of making your company a larger one, then also I would recommend that you get an HR software. because it makes all the tasks so easy.
If you are not willing to spend money, you can even go for an open source HR software.

well dear it depends upon your requirement and the budget .
I company can affort this then you can go for it … otherwise no issue.