Shopping Cart That Supports Groupon Like Promotions?

Does anyone know of a shopping cart program that supports Groupon or Living Social Style promotions out of the box with tipping points?

While I’m sure there’s a system you can jurry-rig to get the feature, Groupon is ultimately successful because of the program/marketing buzz and the simple to use experience. You checkout but it’s not a shopping cart, it’s a one product, two page system. It’s much simplier than a full shopping cart and most of the features like merchandising, searching just don’t matter.

If you want the big result, make something that fits the use.

You can order custom development service and implement Groupon elements to any shopping cart you like.

What you think about this way?

I have been using Nexternal for years and I am a huge fan. They recently added a social sale tool that provides a Groupon like experience in the online store. I love the way the tipping concept and social capabilities work as I have seem a significant uptick in my coupon effectiveness. Nexternal provided us with a nice video overview that the provide on YouTube here:

Thanks Joe! I think that will work out nicely for my business model. I will give Nexternal a call.

Paypal allows for multiple

While you may find an existing cart that has a ‘groupon’ like module to tack on… in most cases, you’re better off building a custom app for this type of site.

We’ve had a few customers use off the shelf mods… and most of them scrap the site and rebuild within 6 months.

ecommguy thanks for asking this question can you tell groupon is really help full for e-commerc website. please let me know.

While Groupon clones allow BusinessOwners to submit/suggest their offers/products/services, ShoppingCarts just allow one single BusinessOwner to add new listings.

zen-cart is good
my site is build by zencart. it is easy to manage coupon

Oh! Here is a good one!

3dCart Version 4 which just came out comes fully integrated with Groupon and LivingSocial. You can Import/Export coupons from both services and manage orders from your control panel.

You can also create your own Group Deals, Daily Deals, and Bid System without using a third-party service. Very excited about this new features. Definitely check it out. 3dCart Version 4.

-Daniel O.
eCommerce Developer
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Groupon is ultimately successful as of the marketing buzz as well as its simple to apply experience. It’s much simplier than a full shopping cart as well as most of the features like merchandising, searching hardly don’t matter. It checkout but it’s not a shopping cart, it’s a one product, two page system.

Magento has some groupon extension, but drawback it they are expensive.

We use Span6 but don’t think they have such an extension. We don’t use it for groupon style things but try contacting them to see if they accomodate a custom extension for you?I imagine it will cost though.

Shopping Carts doesn’t have this feature in their default package but they can customize it. Of course, you’ll have to pay extra.