Looking for shopping cart software

Hey All,

I am looking for a shopping cart software or anything that would be close to this


Any ideas on how I can integrate something like this on my website?

Hi laflair13, we’ve moved this to the ecommerce forum, as that’s more suited to this question. There are lots of shopping cart options out there, so it really depends on what you need. Ideally, actually list the features you want. (It’s hard to tell just from looking at a site what features you are looking for.)


I want to add products and have them all on a single page in a list, with side images. Then when they click on the link or image it goes to the product page and I want it to be able to put the image on the page with details and then a Get Quote button that leads to email submit. (O yea, I would love to have an admin section that I can just plug in details and it creates the listing.)

Kinda like the 2 images I provided below.

1st page - List of products

2nd page - Product details

Is there any tutorial to show me how to do this or maybe an already pre-made script that I can plug into my website?

What about trying Magento, Opencart or Prestashop? One of those should be able to help you with what you want


If you’re looking for a hosted one you could checkout solidshops.com
It has a simple backend yet very flrexible and open backend for designers.

you can try magento,opencart,zen cart,xcart etc for that.these all are open source ecommerce software.

I would suggest either Prestashop or Magento. I’ve used OSCommerce also, but not much.

I think that OSCommerce has gone a bit backwards, unfortunately. It is a shame. It is still a good choice but PrestaShop is more modern and up-to-date with today standards. So for small-medium shops, I would go for PrestaShop. For large or multiple shops, Magento. Tougher development and needs a powerful machine but it is good piece of software. The costs for Magento doesn’t make it appropriate to be considered for smaller projects.

If you looking for the hosted shopping cart software, then ZS Cart is the best option & if you are trying to get open source then choose magento which is the best software to create your store.

I think X-Cart or Zen Cart will full fill your requirements.You can try any of them or check its features.

I suggest you to use prestashop