Searching for appropriate shopping cart solution

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a shopping cart solution for a new web site I’m making.

It’s actually that I want to resell web hosting services for a hosting company that provides shared hosting, managed, dedicated servers, VPS plans, etc., and each of these has it’s own add-on options to select, so it would not be one payment, but things being added from a form that’s presented to the user and each of these add-ons would add to the cost.

Since this is monthly service being offered to the client, it would also require monthly invoicing and like a subscription type of situation.

Another thing important is, that it should be able to offer different payment options like PayPal, 2Checkout, and other payment gateways so the user feels flexible.

I’m not much into programming, so I’d need something that would allow a max of clicking and getting things setup.

I’ve looked at OS Commerce, Zen cart, Agora and was wondering if any of these or some other free options would be the appropriate?

Would really appreciate some help on these lines.

There are some nice recurring billing solutions out there but they aren’t necessarily shopping carts, they are more just recurring billing and you can integrate your site with them. They are just for doing the type of thing you are referring to above. Search on google for recurring billing management. An example of one of the tools Im aware of is I do not know of any that are free though but they are pretty easy to integrate with.