Shopping cart for data input rather than item purchasing

I’ve designed and coded my fair share of websites, but I’ve not yet needed to include a check out/shopping cart option so this area is completely new to me, I know there are a few cart options out there that I’m trying to get my head around but I’m wondering if anyone can also help to point in me in the right direction as my requirement is a bit more specific than a typical purchase item/store shop.

This isn’t for a “shop”.
People aren’t buying a “mass produced item” like a book etc.
They’re buying a product will be produced based around their input values, so the they’ll be inputting values via a form with the typical name, address and then specific data entry fields to produce the final product (which will be a written document) and then check out at the end and pay.

Then when the order comes in I then produce the end document product and I then post it to them.

Is there a shopping cart specific to this criteria anyone could point me the direction of?

Thanks, I hope I’ve explained myself clearly enough.

Depending what you want them to input Opencart does have the option to add custom fields to ‘products’ so if you had a greetings card and you wanted people to be able to specify background color and message you could have a dropdown of set colors for background and a free text box for the message. There are other options too and i think you can specify as many as you like and required or not.

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Thanks for the answer, I was worried that shopping cart’s were designed for fixed items and no input except address details.

It does sound like something I could work with. It is a little more complicated than just requiring a greeting message, but it sounds like it offers customisation for those sorts of values so sounds good for me to have a play around with. Greatly appreciate the response.

Many carts allow you to assign “options” to a product, where each option can change the price.

For Example

Product base price = 0.00

Select colour
Red 8.00
Blue 9.00
Green 10.00

Select size
Small 5.00
Medium 7.50
Large 10.00

So if I ordered Red+Large the total price would be 8.00 + 10.00 = 18.00

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Had a little play around and managed to flesh it out a bit more. I guess my better method would be an online order form that get’s transferred to something like “World Pay” via a html redirect.

I don’t require a catalogue, carts seem OTT for it but perhaps would have been simplier from a coding perspective as mentioned the commerce side is a completely new venture for me. It’s more about the inputting of user data which ordinarily if there wasn’t a requirement of payment it would be done via a form/php.

As it’s information such as “Name and address, Guardians, Personal wishes” which I then take and produce a documents that’s sent via old fashioned post.

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