E-Commerce Solution for a Customer

First of all, I want to say hi to everyone. You guys have a great community going here. :cool:

Second, I need some help/suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a client that’s looking to sell about 70-80 products online. They are green cleaning products. I’m looking to design her a website with HTML, but have never taken on an e-commerce project this big. She needs a custom field that her customers must fill out because of government regulations. It’s just a simple number. She’d like to take payments using PayPal.

Given her design wishes and the custom field, what shopping cart could I use that has the ability to integrate into HTML? She’d like to keep the costs low, which most likely means that she won’t go with a shopping cart that has a monthly fee.

These custom fields should be visible on product details page?
It will be text fields, drop-downs or radio-buttons? If so I think you can use product options feature.

Sorry that I didn’t make my original post clear. She needs custom fields on the checkout page where businesses can put in an identification number. She doesn’t necessarily need a database to manage these numbers, though. It’s just for processing the order. The number would come from the business itself.

Create form with javascript code and put the action to paypal payment processing url.

You can use joomla or Drupal. I had done a same project about a 5 months before and I selected Joomla for doing this.

Magento would be really great ecommerce for you. Magento integration enables you to create customized shopping carts as per the specific business you need. It has an excellent system to manage the orders, right from creating, editing and fulfilling orders to re-ordering. All this is done from the admin panel. Invoices, Shipments and credit memos can be easily created. And yes you can use paypal as payment mehod by just adding magento extension checkout.


I’d suggesting using something a lot simpler such as Mals Ecommerce: Home - Mal’s Ecommerce