Shopify vs Custom-Built Site for SEO?

I am trying to decide whether to develop a custom-built site or use a site like Shopify for an eCommerce site. Since thousands of sites use Shopify I would like to know if using it would have a negative impact on SEO due to non-unique code being used or for any other reason.

[font=calibri]Google really couldn’t care less about the code your site uses. As long as the site works, the content is understandable and it doesn’t take too long to load, they just aren’t interested. Whether it’s home-made or an off-the-shelf product is irrelevant.

Have a look at the source code for a Shopify page – does it look OK to you? If so, the question comes down to … can you develop a site that gives you better value for money than Shopify? If yes, do it. If no, why bother?[/font]

Google only do not like is iframes, else you can use any code to build your eCommerce website.
Your website ranking result is depending upon the tools and techniques you used for the link building.

No, as @Stevie_D has already said, your website ranking is mainly dependent on the quality of your content.

First ask yourself two things. What is your budget and timeline? If you don’t have a high budget and are pressed for time, you go with a simple solution like shopify. If you have time and money, and you know how to code, you should go customized build.

You’ll have some limitations with platforms like Shopify. You’ll need to figure out which platform would best fit your product and needs.

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