What would be more profitable for E-Commerce Site?

I am working on a project which has been using basic Web languages, since 2012, But now scenarios have been changed, CMS like Shopify and WordPress have been taken over hardcoded sites for E-commerce.
Now we want to upgrade the site, What would be a better option CMS or Code-based?
please keep in mind now We have over 250+ keywords on the First page,
“Online Shopping” is a keyword with 4 million volumes and 78 Keyword difficulty.
We don’t want to effect our rankings and SEO efforts.
You suggestion would be much appreciated.

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Ok let’s get one thing straight out of the gate here… any structural changes to the site is going to impact your rankings and SEO efforts. It is just a fact when it comes to restructuring or changing site technologies. You can mitigate the impact by making sure to pick up urls and redirecting them and doing your best to pick up keywords, but it will be impacted. Most changeovers have anywhere from a 3 - 6 month window before you can fully get things dialed in. And of course that is impacted by how much change you do. So just plan for this.

Now for CMS or code based… this completely depends on who works on your site. If you have a lot of marketing team members who are not at all tech savvy, they often like easy to understand and use CMS systems. They don’t, or want to, be trying to compile code into a static page using things like gatsby or anything.

If you really don’t have a dev team to be working on everything full time, you might want to do the CMS option. If you have a team and they can cater to your other departments, doing a code based solution could offer you extra power and flexibility. Really depends on what you are willing to do in house or contract out.


A: You can get more than 10% profit on each product

B: You can sell a lot of products to online shoppers.
Most people will choose B because it is easy to understand and picture that you need much time and effort to sale the first product but only few minutes from click “Buy” button to getting money.
But my answer is A because you can always sale the second product using the same traffic. For example: If your E-commerce site sells shoes, then you will get more profit by selling one pair of shoe than sell 100 pairs of shoes. Why? Because each time a customer bought a pair of shoe from your store, it is an opportunity to show him other related product.

The OP hasn’t returned to the topic so it seems pointless to provide any further answers. Thanks to those who replied.

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