Shifting rankings we were on number 1 but not today

One of my friends site was ranked number 1 for keyword “fishing” in site yesterday but today that link has shifted to page 2 and another link from his site has shifted to 7 position why is google shifting rankings so quickly what should I do in order to make it constant :frowning:

haha right said stevie webmasters are always suffering we are back on top again :slight_smile:

Rankings change, it happens. Sometimes that’s because the algorithms themselves change, but more often it’s because the data being fed into them changes. Links to your site may have dropped in value, links to other sites may have sprung up in high-rent districts. Other sites may have expanded their content or improved their search-friendliness. A page that was once at the top spot might not stay there. SEO doesn’t stop, it’s always a case of “running to stand still”, if you don’t keep trying to push forwards, the chances are you’ll slip backwards.

Google’s job is to provide the search results that give users the pages they’re looking for - their job is not to make life easy for webmasters!

Every time ranking has change. my be your competitor did very good seo for “fishing” keyword. Its happened with my site also. I got 5th rank for my keyword and after 1 month my keyword is on 250 position. but I build again good links for my site and now my keyword is on 3rd position. So don’t worry do strong seo for your site.