Has google made some changes in the last few days?

Hi guys,

One of our sites has dropped off the face of the universe (Google that is).

We had a lot of pages ranking very highly for their terms, however they have plummeted, some of which don’t even appear in the 1st 20 results pages.
We had a page at position one on the first results page, now it is down on page 6.

So, is anyone else having issues?


I thing your site back link may be decreased… when i was the back link will be decreasing your site SERP also decreased… so increase quality back link of your site…

I am totally agree with mahendras. One of my friends experienced this problem. Dont trust only to one source (Google) for getting traffic. You can not predict the behavior of Google in long period ( even in short periods)

A client’s site got dropped entirely for major keywords, as if the domain were back in the ol’ sandbox. This lasted 30 hours. I logged into google webmaster tools and found all data for the domain missing. So I revalidated the site. After another 8 hours, rankings and data returned.

I doubt revalidating the site had anything to do with the ranks returning; more likely a burp in Google’s infrastructure upgrade. Still, better than watching grass grow - login to webmaster tools and re-validate your site.

I would say that what the key thing to keep in mind when conducting your SEO activities or looking at your rankings on a day to day or week to week basis is to concentrate on quality over quantity and not look at short term fluctuations in rankings, often particular phrases and traffic volume will disappear and then return, it happens to the biggest sites as well as small businesses, where phrases will fluctuate from page one to page 10 on a week to week basis, the amount of fluctuation will often depend on how agressive you are being with your efforts.

In the long term, if you keep everything above board and don’t venture into automating your activities, focus on quality and relevance, then your site will continue on an upward trend and you won’t cop any ‘slaps’

Pretty major stuff going on now. Some of the biggest changes I have seen in quite some time. The Mayday update is what some are calling it and it especially affected long tail keywords, and may have also targeted spammy footer links.

So I’m a bit confused. What are the changes being made? No offense, but the action plan above doesn’t seem like much of an action plan. It sounds more like an avoidance plan to me. Shouldn’t we get to the bottom of this? Or at least try?

Google has recently launched Google caffeine, a Google engineer says “Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it’s the largest collection of web content we’ve offered”. But we need to wait and watch, how much will caffeine affect the websites’ popularity and how it will affect the SEO, and to know what kind of changes web masters need to do in their websites.

11 Feb 2010 … It’s been just two days since we first launched Google Buzz. … In particular there’s been concern to people its change webpages style and theam

No issues yet, but I’m sure they are coming. Google is always changing there algorithum its hard to get any consistency. If you’ve made any changes to your main page this maybe the cause.

You are one of the sufferers of Google Update.
Currently very few people might be knowing this but drastic changes have happened.
Here are action plans.

  1. Keeping doing the good things like link building and adding new content
  2. Reduce dependency of getting traffic only from google, find other regular ways of traffic like social network, advertisement and linking with high traffic sites.

you might want review google guidelines… it really helps…

I have not found some changes.