Why my keyword drop from 40th position to 899th position today?

Hi Friends,

I was wondering to see my keyword ranking today for my client website. Actually it was in 40th on last friday(29/6/2012) but i’ve checked today and wondering it’s in 899th position today(3/7/2012). How it was happened?

Reply me pls…

How are you checking this? By Googling? You have to stay vigilant with keyword rankings, as the ground is always shifting—what with updates and all—but also check whether on time you checked while logged in to Google and another time while logged out. Search results change a lot depending on whether Google has been tracking your activity etc.

At current position droping of rank is due to new update by google named as penguine. So it might be one reason if everything else will be all right. And if penguine is one reason than try to fix problem as this update is all about over optimization and using black hat techniques for optimization.

If this is also not one reason than its generally happens in google that fluctation is normally taken place. So don’t worry about it just concerntrate on your work and keep continue promotion and link building with quality sites.

[FONT=verdana]How old is your site? And for how long were you ranked at 40th place?

The reason I ask is that Google sometimes gives new sites an initial ranking that’s higher than they would otherwise achieve. That situation might last a few days or weeks, after which the site goes down to somewhere closer to its “normal” ranking.

Keep in mind too that the ranking you are seeing is not necessarily the same as what other people see. Ralph has already mentioned the difference caused by whether you are logged into a Google account or not. There are also geographic differences, differences due to the Google site you are using, and several other factors. You really need to use a tool such as Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your ranking, rather than relying on your own observations.


How old is your site? And for how long were you ranked at 40th place?

Hi Mikl,
My site is about 1 year old. I got 40th position for my keyword on last friday(6/29/2012) after 6 months back.

I’m intrigued to know how you found out that you are 899’th position!? By page 20 i would consider myself not there at all

That’s easy. You use Google Webmaster Tools (or one of several similar tools). I don’t know for sure if LeapGoWeb did so, but that’s the usual way of tracking yor ranking. GWM has the advantage of giving the average position over all countries and Google sites. The disadvantage, or course, is that it is limited to Google.


Oh yeah my bad, totally forgot about that lol. I usually check for myself

Could be many reasons. Have you done some shady or aggressive backlinking to this site? Or it could just be the Google dance, and you will pop back up in a few days at an even higher position.

But 899 is kind of low, I don’t know. Stay consistent on the site and you will see a big change.

How do you check your ranking? And if you some bad linking profile, i that would be reason why you have been pushed down (The reason i presume bad linking profile is because the gap in ranking is large).

If you dont mind then can i see the KW and the site. I might be able to help. Thanks

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I think your site hit by panda update. that’s why your search results is gone too far.

did you try to check your site position with other software? i can recommend on one i’m using , it’s called - google monitor.
if this software also shows the same results, maybe it’s related to the panda update of google.
moreover, did you use in black hat techniques? it also can ruin and effect the site on the wrong way.