SEO Ranking Issue

Hi all I have fresh new website and i get top ten position in in my keyword but after 7 days my ranking gone and i dont see in top 100 so pls let me know what can problem in this site. anyone know this issue pls let me know.


Paul Smith

I guess probably you have hit with penguin update. Anyways let us know your keyword and website URL to examine the problem.

[FONT=Verdana]This forum is for discussing Internet Marketing issues in general. If paul512 wants a review of his site for SEO purposes, then he will need to ask for it in the Reviews & Critiques forum, in accordance with [URL=“”]the rules.

By all means offer suggestions here as to what could be causing the problem, but please make them helpful and informative. “I guess probably you have hit with penguin update” doesn’t really tell the OP very much. Why do you think that? What steps should he take to combat it?

[font=verdana]One thing to be sure of first is … have your rankings definitely dropped?

And before you say “that’s a stupid question, of course they have”, remember that you can get different results when logged into your Google account, different results when you’re on a mobile etc. So if your “page 1” results were when you were logged in and now you’re looking on a “clean” computer, that could explain why the results aren’t what you were expecting, without your site having actually dropped … the key point is that it was never really up that high in the first place.

If that isn’t the case then you’ll need to look at how you’ve been promoting your site, and how you’re managing it.

If you managed to get loads of links, have a look – are they still there? Or have some of them been removed? Or have the pages they were on disappeared? If that’s happened, that could explain the drop. If you got links from blogs and other sites where pages are only in the forefront briefly and then relegated to a back page, Google might stop giving the links as much value once the pages themselves are disappearing off the charts.

You can often get a boost for ‘freshness’ – if Google things your content is new, relevant and topical, it can propel you up the rankings quickly, but the thing about ‘topical’ is that a week later it isn’t. If that’s how you got your ranking then you need to look at how you can maintain your position and relevance.[/font]

“I have fresh new website …” What did you do with your site?
About rank of keyword I think you should check by using Free mornitor for Google, it’s free version. It bring your the right result on SERPs.
Use Google webmaster tool to check any message from Google for your site.
And also check your backlink to find any backlink broken down

What techniques did you use? Do you use white hat seo and do all work manually or using any automated software submission.

Dear Paul,

Appreciate your efforts to post a question, but when you do so, you must provide necessary information for others to help you. You have a website, then you must have provided the links and the keywords. If you were afraid that you will be blocked for self promotion, if you had given your own link, I am sure that is not going to happen. Our Mod’s would never do that in such a case.

So, please drop your domain link or name, keywords, optimization techniques used, average links you build per day and if any further information’s available.

The OP may give more details about the site, but they may not post a link. This forum is for discussion of issues related to Internet Marketing. Anybody who would like their site reviewed from an SEO perspective may seek a review in the appropriate section of the forums, in accordance with the [URL=“”]review guidelines.

I guess you should review your backlinks. If there are any spammy links pointing to your site, then you should remove them asap and submit your site for consideration to google. And in case your site is integrated with Google’s web analytics, i guess you should have received an e-mail for the same. You could also contact google for the reason why your ranking has fallen down.

you can make natural backlinks don not use link farms or paid links.

As per my knowledge you have to use Quality content not duplicate content.If your site contain duplicate content or it used Black hat SEO techniques then Penguin update automatically decrease the rank of your site.If your site is over optimized then panda update penalize it.

First to check on page of your website is it ok, any keyword stuffing is that original content, enough content on website. then build quality back links and make natural link building.

As the OP has never bothered to return to this thread, and the answers are becoming repetitive, I think it’s time to close it.