Shared vs dedicated hosting

Is there a substantial tangible benefit in moving from shared hosting (cheap) to dedicated (10x the price ish)? My site has c. 15k visits a month. Or is dedicated hosting really for huge sites like BBC or Tesco or Walmart etc.?

Advice much appreciated.

I do not believe that is very easy question. Especially when budget is tight. :wink:

You are really comparing extremes. Shared hosting is no match for a dedicated server when it comes to raw power. Cost is what separates the power differences obviously.
Why would someone take such a big step?

A map: Shared < VPS < Dedicated

Why not try out VPS first to see the performance boost. If you need that extra power the dedicated server is probably the choice for you then.

I haven’t read this much of vague post ever…
think that the question is as simple as that… whether to shift over from shared to dedicated is good or not in canalboatman’s case!!
If you feel that your server space is not enuf for your site better switch over to dedicated, but keep in mind that shared is cheaper when compared to dedicated in economical point of view.

Excellent advice. Topic exhausted.



I sell boats, acting as an agent for private owners in almost all cases. My site is also there to offer boat related advice. If you click on my signature you will get the general idea (I hope!)

This is why I came here to ask the question. My only experience is Fasthosts as a shared server subscriber. I was trying to find out if the root of my frustration lay with my provider, or simply whether it might be better to upgrade to a dedicated server. From the helpful advice posted in reply, it would seem that the considerable additional cost of a dedicated server for a niche site like mine would be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and that the route to go is to move to a provider that cares more about its customers and is not focused simply on volume turnover.

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Funnily enough I rang Clook today just to pick their brains. You might have tipped my decision in their favour now. Thanks.

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Fasthosts haven’t exactly got the best reputation in the world, I cringe when clients tell me they’re hosted there :wink: - there are numerous excellent “hidden gem” hosts that don’t rely on mega advertising budgets like FH do…

I usually point clients to: - have used them myself for the last 6 years, reliable, superb support - reliable, super support
…both use “Cpanel” which gives you freedom with .htaccess and nearly everything else you could need

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What you are telling me is pretty much what I suspected. I’m in a niche market and while 15k visits per month is good in my sector, it is peanuts compared to other sites, viz and so on.

I’m just arsed off with my current provider, fasthosts. I can’t use normal .htaccess stuff for one, so redirects don’t work.

I suppose asking for a good alternative is like invoking the sort of vitriolic debate you get on canal forums where boaters (some) get blue in the face arguing about types of toilet!

No probs, FYI my quickest support ticket response was 20 seconds, and even then I got two techs answering! Granted they’re not always “that” quick but the norm is to get a response in a few minutes.

Wow, you’re just up the road from me - small world :slight_smile:

Shared hosting means you’re literally sharing the web server with dozens/hundreds of sites, and in extreme cases thousands of other sites. For most sites that’s not a problem, but if just one site starts to use a lot of that servers resources it can affect your sites performance, typically it may be slow at busy times, or in worst cases stop responding altogether.

A dedicated server on the other hand means you have a whole web server just for your site so no other site can affect your sites performance.

Put in boatman terms, a shared server can be like a busy summer sunday on the Grand Union, lots of traffic, longer waits at locks and so on. A dedicated server would be the equivilent of having the whole canal for yourself with a dedicated lock keeper!

15k visits per month for your site (which is static HTML?) I’d say is adequate on good shared hosting. That equates to about 20 visitors per hour which isn’t really a lot in the grand scheme of things.

For your situation I’d say dedicated isn’t really needed unless you want the luxury of one (or you need to spend some extra cash for tax purposes!). If you did need more server resources then a VPS (virtual private server) might be a better bet.

Which is top advice (as you’d expect on SitePoint :)). Picking a hosting plan with realistic limits, so the host isn’t reliant on cramming 100s of accounts on a server and hoping users don’t use the resources provided (overselling) is by far the best policy for any site that is used to generate revenue IMHO.

I forgot about UnitedHosting - another one of those “hidden gem” hosts :slight_smile:

Remember, not everyone chooses their hosting infrastructure based on costs and not all virtual machines and grid/cloud hosting products are less expensive than dedicated servers. There are many many more factors to consider.

canalboatman - would you mind elaborating on your website (what is it about, traffic patterns, software required, etc) so that the community can better help you decide if a dedicated (or other) environment would be better suited for you over shared hosting?

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Why should you go for a dedicated server. Virtual machine or any form of Grid / Shared Cloud hosting will save you a lot of money on annual basis. may be another host worth looking into. They’ve been around for a while. I think they were in the process of switching over to cPanel after being Ensim based for a very long time, but that is probably done by now.