VPS hosting better choice than dedicated server hosting?Is it?

What makes VPS hosting better choice than dedicated server hosting if this is case,and why it is so.?

Neither is a better choice then the other, it all comes down to what you need from a server and what level of control you need. VPS server is a shared large server running on a dedicated virtual machine with reserved resources at your disposal. It is better then stuffed shared servers but even VPS servers can suffer from over crowding. Dedicated server you are fully in charge and all the resources are available with no fear of sharing between other users. If you also need specific configuration of hardware then a dedicated server is the only option. All in all, it comes down to what you truly need from a hosting provider.

The primary use case for a VPS is where you need a balance between cost, performance and configurability, and don’t want to commit to the expense of a dedicated server. A VPS is a good choice if your application may need to scale up in performance temporarily (most VPS providers will allow you to resize the allocated resources and bill you pro rata). It’s not the best choice if you need to sustain high loads on cpu, bandwidth or disk i/o.

If at all you don’t deal with multiple sites and many other sophisticated software, you can opt for VPS servers. While, you prefer to have a separate deal for your websites, then you could try Dedicated server hosting, besides the cost.

No matter, what you opt for. Both of the hosting are reliable and each outstands with its own pros and cons. If you are fixed towards spending your pennies, you could try with the former one.

I think that is VPS hosting more secure than dedicated hosting and budget conscious. Also, it offers more control and it is ideal for small business websites.

When deciding what level of hosting I need – the power of the machine – I ask my techie; there’s no way I can figure it out for myself.

For example, I’ve got a shared hosting plans with eight or 10 websites hosted and no problem.

For a product launch I did a few months ago where I sold 800 units I used a VPS, which my techie told me would be plenty. For my next launch I expect to shift 5-10,000 units. If I do this as a big bang launch I will have to do decide whether the VPS has enough guts to handle may be hundred thousand visitors over a couple of weeks without crashing. I really don’t know - that’s what techies are for!

On the other hand, 5 to 10,000 people accessing the membership site which delivers the finished product will be much less of a strain on the server I use. So, again, it’s a question for my techie.

It’s horses for courses and only a techie – someone with more knowledge than me – can judge the suitability of your server for a particular task.

One thing is sure; your server falling over mid-launch is very bad LOL

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VPS hosting can’t get the place of dedicated hosting but if you are not able to afford dedicated hosting than VPS hosting will be the right choice to host a website.

The price to performance ratio is what makes VPS hosting better than dedicated server hosting. You can most of the time pay for a high end VPS that will perform just as well as a low end dedicated server for a fraction of the cost.

I would say a high end VPS can outperform a low end dedicated server :slight_smile:

well, everything comes to money in fact, if you have them - you take dedicated for the control and performance, if you don’t - VPS, if you’re somewhere in the middle, i would go for VPS then, performance is OK and you spare some money

If your website small traffic then I think you shoukd try VPS hosting.

VPS is a low cost solution instead of dedicated. And i`m talking of similar spec servers.

Price. actually, you’re getting almost the same features with VPS as with the dedicated server (root access, custom soft. installation, management, etc.).

So if you’re looking for cost effective solution, VPS is much more preferable for small/medium size businesses. Of course hosting provider must be a reputable :slight_smile:

VPS and Dedicated servers are similar from the kind of services we get. The only difference between them is about the server specification and cost. If in case you are beginning with new website and have less number of visitors on your site then VPS is better option to start with. You can get Dedicated servers features with VPS Hosting plans but the resources would be less along with price. Once your website starts gaining traffic then you can upgrade to Dedicated servers.

It depends.

A VPS on a high performance hypervisor (think Dual E5 / Xeon X5600 series CPU, 64GB+ RAM, 4 x RE/SAS hard drives, RAID10 + BBU) is an inherently better choice than a low end tower dedicated server using desktop components (i3 processors, desktop motherboards, non-ECC RAM and standard hard drives). You’ll get better performance, better reliability and a better night’s sleep using the former.

A fully blown dedicated server, with server grade components and specifications, will out perform a VPS but will come with a price tag to match.


VPS server is the better choice for beginners in online business with small business website,And compared to the cost of dedicated server vps is low at cost and very similar to dedicated hosting in terms of visualization.The client will have the virtual privet server which can be used with allotted amount of resources which can be used by the client and their website .

If budget is not an issue then VPS hosting is any day better than shared hosting. You get guaranteed resources and full control over the VPS hosting. It’s like getting dedicated server functionality and performance at a lower cost.

If OP tells us more about his/her project, we’d recommend best hosting solution I believe.

VPS hosting is a better choice than dedicated hosting because it is more affordable than dedicated hosting, and if you don’t have more websites then it is the good option, because you will get separate resources for your website with cutting costs.