Cloud vs dedicated server

Hello Guys,

I’m an owner of a dedicated server, and today me and my workmate started to talk about the future for our business, and started to wondering, what we should do, when we need a better server.

And then I have some questions, you maybe can answer, ‘cloud hosting’ is getting bigger and bigger - But the prices for cloud hosting is, when you calculate ressources, cloud computing somehow may be more expensive than a dedicated server, but really, what’s the difference in performance?

I’m thinking like, a dedicated server, if you’re running on that, you can have a great amount of processor-power and RAM and disk space. If you get a peak you’ll be limited to that dedicated server.

Here at my host, we have something called Express and Premium Cloud hosting.

Express Cloud:
Price: 59€/month
Processor: 2.0Ghz 4 Cores
Disk space: 160GB SATA RAID 6
Bandwidth: 4000GB
Uplink: 1000Mbps Full-Duplex

Dedicated Server:
Price: 49€/month
Processor: 2.8Ghz Dual Core
Ram: 4GB
Disk Space: 2x 250GB SATA2 (No raid)
Bandwidth: 5000GB
Uplink: 100Mbps Full-Duplex

I normally use cpanel/WHM to manage my server, and softaculous for application installs.

Will that run on cloud hosting? Why Should I choose cloud hosting before dedicated…

I’m living in europe, my customers are in Europe, what cloud hosts can you recommend, what is the general price, will it be scalable?

Should our next server be cloud or a dedicated?

Best regards,
Lucas Rolff

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The big benefit of hosting in the cloud (at least, the cloud as [url=]
Amazon has implemented it in EC2) is that if you meed more resources, you can just turn them on. And when you don’t need those extra resources, you can turn them off again. You’ll only be billed for the actual usage of those extra resources. You can even enable/ disable them programatically using an API.

The best way to use cloud hosting is to take the smallest amount of resources your site/ application needs, and then scale up when necessary.

If you’re paying € 59.00 per month for a 4-core server with 4 gigs of memory, and it’s not being used, you’re throwing away money :slight_smile:

Check with your host if they have elastic packages too. Otherwise it’s just virtual hosting, not cloud.

Ahh okay, thank you Immerse! I’ll check with my host, when we’re talking about our next servers!

But in Amazon EC2 etc - I used an calculator (if u search for S3 Calculator on google) - but the prices I got was much more expensive than I expected (maybe because I did fill out some weird stuff)…

Can anyone maybe give an example?

For the price difference, cloud definitely looks be more a more effective option for you.
The extra power in terms of raw CPU performance alone should be worth the extra 10 euros.

Next time, if I figure it out I’ll go for Amazon E2 if possible, because yeah - It would be awesome that I shouldn’t move server, if we need to scale, so it would be good, to just scale when we needed, without it affected our current websites, if we would get busy peak times on our service!

Dedicated server wins this one.