Shape tween distortion

i’m new to flash… just started.

i have a problem with a growing curved arrow shape that i don’t understand. after applying the shape tween, it doesn’t follow the path i was expecting. at some point it becomes a simple line instead of growing to be an arrow. i tried inserting more keyframes, making more intermediate shapes, but at some point it’s still becoming a line.

how does this work?

If you want to accomplish a grow effect, maybe a motion tween is what you’re looking for. Just set there intial and final width and apply the motion. I forgot to tell you : the object must be a movie clip.

Would be able to give an answer if you showed the animation? Only tip I could say without seeing it is ‘use shape hints’

forgot to mention that the key shapes are not made by scaling the final arrow. I also have a growing snow flake with key shapes made only by scaling it from 100 to 1% that it’s not growing as i expected. but i also have a scaled shape and another arrow made by different shapes that are growing as i expected.

is this a random distortion?