Rotating symbol stops after each rotation (Flash 8)

Hi Everyone,
I created a shape with tween type rotate, motion type cw and times=1.
The tween is consisted of 5 frames. I activated the clip and the shape
rotated 360 degrees once. Then i made a symbol out of that clip and
created a new clip with a tween consisted of 100 frames with motion
type. The shape on that tween was the symbol I had created at the beginning.
I placed the symbol at the left side of the stage at frame 1 and moved it
to the right side of the stage at frame 100. When I activated the clip. The
shape moved turning over from left to right. The trouble is: after each
360 degrees the shape stops rolling for a short while and then starts turning
again. I want that shape to turn unceasingly like a car’s wheel.
How do i do that ?
Thanks a lot !

Create a nested (one in inside another) movieclip.

Create the rotating tween. Convert this to a movieclip. Then tween this movieclip across the stage.

Thanks a lot !