Setting up testing server... what's wrong here?

My settings in DWCS5:

I’m not sure what I have wrong but its not working

Wamp is running fine. the site is installed under c:\wamp\www\morenovalleyautorepairing\

under Avanced > Server Model, PHP Mysql is selected

When I try to preview my home page in firefox (F12) the broswer window tries to load http://www.index.php/ and fails.

Testing server:

Web Url: [


of course it fails. try to load www.index.php in any browser window and it will fail.

like krakkerjack said: c:\wamp\www\morenovalleyautorepairing\ converts to http://localhost/morenovalleyautorepairing
or http://localhost/morenovalleyautorepairing/index.php or .html or whatever…