Help: can't test my code on local host

Hello, I’m a newbie. Pretty obvious from this posting. My problem is as follows: I can’t test my codes on via local host as stated here “http://localhost/php_sandbox/my_phpinfo.php”. When I try I get an error saying that the URL can’t be found.

I do have a password, but the password between php and Mysql are now operational I guess…because I am able to log into the phpmyadmin from the wamp server, but for some reason when I try to test my php files from the sandbox (my test folder) I get the above errors.

Please help my progress is at a screeching stop until I remedy this issue.

Vinysha Morns

Not sure of your setup, try these urls and see if you get any results.

In your browser address bar:


Then try:

If no joy, search your hard drive for php.ini, you should only find one.

In that ini file look for the line :

doc_root = c:/a_path/

Put a test file in that folder c:/a_path/ called “test.php”

(I made up c:/a_path/ you use whatever you have in your actual ini file - if it is not set, or that path does not equate to an address on your own server then you change it, and then restart the server - not the machine the service, apache or whatever)


<h3>File was found! ....</h3>
echo '<p>.... and the PHP Test worked, lets do some work!</p>' ;

Thanks Cups I fixed it. The problem was when I installed my test folder I placed it outside of the designated site folder which for wamp is the www folder. (WOW) how easy…huh!! I was following a tutorial on and the tutor made a complex path to a very simple solution.

Thanks for your response though…it was much appreciated.