WAMP won't direct towards local URL

I used to have it so that when I went to the url local host all my folders would display and I could click on a folder and have it take me to the project on my local machine.

I believe it used to take me to the address localhost/foldername which was the home page of the site.
Now it just takes me to foldername and it is a blank page
I’m working with all wordpress sites.

Any suggestions?


The problem with canned apps like WAMP is that it’s not very flexible, i.e., using localhost, your foldername(s) MUST be subdirectories of the localhost AND, therefore, cannot be the home page of any site (localhost is the Home directory).

IMHO, learn to use the httpd-vhosts.conf and hosts file (Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) to create virtual domains which are not required to live under localhost.



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