Setting up Free DNS Service for Local Web Server

Hai folks,

  • my computer is a computer of a 500 computers network within our company.

  • i have been given a STATIC local intranet ip assigned by our it department via their router.

  • i have the internet facility through the above intranet for which i get a dynamic ip ex:
    if i issue ‘what’s my ip’ on google i get the ip currently.

  • i have installed WAMP server.

my current current project for the company should be able to access via internet in addition to the local access. local access is the primary access method. so now i have installed a free dns service like dyndns.
at the setup of that, i have choosen a free subdomain ex: they offer and assigned the ip
also installed their desktop client for monitoring ip changes and auto update.

Now the problem is : when i hit the page displaying is of our internet serice provider. not of my project homepage :rolleyes:

Please help me to setup the free dns service on my local webserver.

Please do not make your work computer accessible from the internet…that is just a bad idea.

:tup: Try instead to have a firewall that supports open_vpn at home then make a open-vpn connection from work to home. When your at home you can ping and access your local IP, so this means you can also use ssh, remote desktop or mount a share from work.

sorry for delayed reponse :slight_smile:

ok just think of this pc as a dedicated webserver and not my working computer :slight_smile: