How to use domain name from local server

I am trying to use my pc as a server and I can access my local wesite using my ip like .suppose this is my ip .
I can access my local site using this Ip I am using xampp as server and .
nokia siemens as router. The problem is I have a domain how can I create nameserver and use my domain for this Ip can anyone let me know i can access my site using noip
services . Kindly help me to get out of it

all these things I know do u have any experience I had ask this question in several forums but no answer yet

Probably because it’s not a good idea. Every aspect of hosting is at a disadvantage over regular web hosting e.g cost, security, reliability, speed, simplicity.

  1. XAMPP is not intended for use to serve to the internet - the security settings it uses assume local use only

  2. Your internet connection for sending web pages will not be fast enough for two people to access the page at the same time - you need to swap to a far more expensive synchronous connection

  3. Do you have a UPS to keep everything running if the power goes off? If not you need one.

  4. Do you have someone monitoring the server 24/7 - if not then you need to employ someone as most crashes will happen when you are not there.

  5. To set up a nameserver you will need additional software - which you may need to purchase.

This Can be done in Windows Server 2008 OS. You need the ADDS, DNS and IIS Roles Installed. But you also should consider the the points as said above by felgall.

thanks for all your advice but windows server is not good I am using apache server all i need is to attach my IP to domain by creating nameserver .Withought purchasing any software


Is your question related to creating a test server or public hosting of your domain on your WinDoze box?



Since your server is on a local machine whose ip address is not fixed you need to use a dynamic dns service.
For example

These services provide a client software that you have to install on your system. This client will update the service provider with your latest ip address.
They will also provide a domain name. for example which you can use anywhere.

If you already have a domain name then you have to point it to the domain name provided by the dynamic dns service provider. For example ==> ==> your local machine.

It works fine.