Setting up a wamp server

I’m trying to set up a WAMP server and ran into a problem
I installed the latest version, but when I try to start it I get

So, you can see I have the thing installed, but when I try to start it, the little icon stays red and never turns green, so when i go to localhost, I dont see anything
Am I missing something?

I never use WAMP because I much prefer installing the environment manually, but have you tried running CMD as admin and then browsing to Apache’s bin folder and then typing in httpd? This outputs errors that needs to be corrected before Apache can start. Normally when using the Apache Monitor, it’ll either show red (not working) or green (working).

I am not too fond on XAMPP nor WAMP because when it comes to times like this, you don’t know where to debug it, but if you manually install the packages yourself. You know exactly where the problems lie.

It might be a conflict

Although I just now looked at my Settings - Services and did not see a “World Wide Web Publishing Services”. But it would be worth looking at and changing it from “running” to “stop” if you see it there.

Start with checking your apache logs.(always) start there when its fails to startup. But most likely problem is your port 80 is being blocked by another process. But check the logs to make sure that is the problem and not something else.

If it is port 80 is already being used by another process you can change the listening port through wamp by going to the httpd.conf for apache. This can easily be googled for a walk through.

On a side note if this is the first time you have installed wamp you might not have the VC11 dependency installed and you might also need to install which is required by wamp to be installed and working

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