Why Apache will not start on my system (xampp & wamp)?

Apache will not start on my system.
Platforms: Windows 7
I also installed a few times, but Apache will not start. No Error does not
Do what?

Did you check the apache error log? There must be something logged. Otherwise possible cause could be the port 80. Check whether some other program (like skype, IIS, etc.) is already using the port 80 which is the default one. Stop those and try restarting apache once manually from services management.

You can find the error logs for apache in c:\wamp\logs I believe, and at the bottom it will tell you what’s up, if you cant figure it out paste your most bottom lines in in here!

Are you installed WAMP server?
Then after installation, you got one wamp server icon on your desktop.
After clicking this icon manually, then automatically all (php, mysql, apache) will start.

You can open the browser and type ‘localhost’ , it will display the wamp server homepage and your projects(if any)…

I know how to use XAMPP or wamp.
I installed the following programs:
LiveZilla: a term that was installed was not a problem.
ooVoo: I also installed.
Please explain XAMPP