Different SERP results?

Hey all,

Why do some SERP checkers tell me my site is in the top 10 and some say I’m not even in the top 100? Does Google show different results to people in different locations in the same country - for example… NY and Texas?

If possible can you please type “funny things” into google and see if I am in the top 10? (whatcracksmeup.com)

I only started to get interested because I’m receiving a lot less traffic from that keyword than the Google keyword tool suggested (the tool estimated searches, so obviously not all of them will click on my site, but I expected a lot more than I’m currently getting).

Thanks in advance, Nick

Do you have Google analytics on your site? if not install then leave it for weeks, you will see your SERP

And I do suggest try using statcounter to see the recent keyword search in your site

you can use SERP tools that shows results from different countries to help you access your sites performance more. here are some


Maybe its because SERPs always fluctuate and it’s not Google’s fault that it happen they just record and show us the result… Tools are there to guide us, I am also using a SEO Tool in checking my SERPs, but I do it manually if I saw a poor ranking keyword…

Hey its because of Google dance…You can see variation in your SERP. Don’t worry check your SERP after 1-2 days you will find exact result. And yes install Google Analytics or stats counter and track your traffic sources.

And by the way you are at 2nd position in Google. Here in india.:slight_smile:

If you noticed when doing a SERP on google lets say for example google.com and google.co.uk, their results would be slightly different. I hope this info helps

Yes you are very right fork8210…I would like to mention here its because of different data center. Google’s having different-different data centers for different-different country.

Google have hundreds of servers and any update takes time to flow through all the servers so depending on what server the results are pulled from you will be in one of two places in the results.

Hey its true that google having many Data Centers and it takes time to update all of them…but always you can see variation in result on different-different data centers, even though major variation some times…because every data centers are showing results always affected by their locality.

u r on first page, fifth position, its migh diff. serp prob sometime

google has a personalized search option now… and besides it has geo targeting to return results relevant to your location

Personalized search wasn’t turned on until 8 months after this thread was started, though, so it isn’t the explanation. There was no reason to bump something this old at this point.