September Photo Showcase - Your Favourite Things

Those of you that read the Community Crier will know that I used to run a monthly ‘shout out’ thread where I’d ask you a question each month and publish my favourite answers in the newsletter.

Last month I realised that I’ve been getting a bit bored of that so I’ve come up with a new idea.

I like the idea of getting to know more about the people that hang out here so I’m going to ask you to take photos of things in your lives.

First up, I want you to take a photo of your favourite thing. What do you value most?

I couldn’t decide so I’ve taken two. :wink:

I started my own company in 2003 with absolutely nothing :), no help no money just a small room with one computer, a head full of ideas, a lot of enthousiasm and three great cats! :slight_smile:

I have two cats ‘from the old days’ left and a new one has moved in. And the company grew. I am teaching how to use Adobe software and companies, architects, fashion designers and many more creative wonderful people flock to my school. It’s so great to pass on what I know. I started ‘teaching’ when I was seven: I explained the neighbour children how to use scissors, glue, ink… I didn’t even remember that until the reality of my own school sank in. I work all the time!
This is one of the cats, the middle one, in the class room. The combination of one of my favourite creatures and my favourite location. This is what I love.

Are you kidding? I love it! :smiley:

I’m curious. Where did you take this picture? And how exactly does it express time?

I’m surprised so many people love their cars. Here’s my favorite thing. YOGA! :eye:

errrm. Attached photo please.

Apart from the family…

  1. My new Jaguar S Type Sport
  2. My new BMW 5 series

love them both, great to drive and totally different!

Hi Guido2004,

I took the photo on the Deqin Tibet Autonomous Region border of Yunnan. Due to exposure with the elements the prayer flags fade with Time, a constant reminder of impermanence.

Sorry if it doesn’t fit the theme, please feel free to remove.



Well, the people in my life are tops, but they’re not really “things”.

And my freedom is important, but I don’t have any pictures of that.

My house is important. I need someplace to work and keep all the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. - Such as all the books that I wouldn’t want to do without.

So I guess my yard is one of my favorite things. Other than providing things that need doing, it’s a great place to unwind, weedy and unkempt as it tends to be.

It is wonderful and exciting, have fun! My location was completely empty at first, we didn’t even have flooring or walls, just brownish board finish that had to be er… don’t know the word in English but they were not done, not even wallpaper or anything. No kitchen, nothing. Just a functional toilet with a little sink in it and a bathroom for water. Nothing to cook or heat up, no heating for that matter. So it was all as bare as could be. The great thing is that in such a case there is nothing to ‘fix’ or ‘clean up’ since well, there is nothing there :slight_smile: Enjoy!

My favourite thing is Time. Time to meet great people, Time to ride, Time to explore.

<snip />

Typing this in the Himalayas…riding my bike (my second favourite thing)

Nice. I like that.

I think it is a great picture too :slight_smile: It looks fantastic!

Yes apart from family then I guess my car was my favourite thing. I bought it in 1998 but it’s a shame I had to sell it a few moths ago. It still sits on my desktop as a reminder though :).

Love and Friendship even when the relationship is over.


apart my best thing i have is my home.

Very nice pictures! I am enjoying looking at it.

My car.

It’s been hard to decide what I like the most… but I think that if something is good, if brief, then twice as good… so I chose “holidays”. And the picture is from the house my family uses during the vacation period and some weekends. I give you a front view and then the Google Maps view :stuck_out_tongue:

The picture includes more than you can see… imagine: soft music, nice drink and a good book :slight_smile:

That’s the thing I love the most when I’m on holidays… a good book and do nothing! :slight_smile:

@SpikeZ: I’m not surprised that your favourite thing is your car :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to purchase (buy???) my first own flat in my life this week!!! I can’t write down how excited I am!