June Photo Challenge - Reflections, Light and Shadow

This month let’s look at reflections … particularly light and shadow. As you can see from the picture at left, my camera isn’t great, but in this instance it mostly did what I wanted it too.

At left… a glass lid captures the curtain in my kitchen window and a jar of oil is lit by the morning sun. At right… the pre-bloom shadow cast by the tree in front of our house.

Here are some pics I took of a lake a while back …

These are absolutely gorgeous. The water must be crystal clear. Can you tell us where (generally) the lake is located?

Yes, it was Lake Matheson in New Zealand, which is famed for its clear, reflective waters.

I have a couple here:

Here’s one of mine. Taken in twilight, so I had to enhance it a bit:

That’s brilliant, @guido2004. We have herons round here, and they stand stock-still, until you’re just within camera range and then they take off before you can click. :rolleyes: I’m really impressed you could get a picture at all, never mind such a good one. :slight_smile:

Indeed, that’s why I used the max zoom on my camera (which lowered the quality quite a bit, but it was the only way to get a shot) and I only got 1 shot before it took off :slight_smile:
One strange thing I noticed is that they don’t care for the cars that pass at high speed, but when you go by bicycle they escape when you get nearer.

@TechnoBear ; @guido2004 ;

Love the swan Technobear and I love how the water ripples change the reflection in both your pictures and Guidos. Very nice!

And you expect me to compete with these pictures? They’re gorgeous! :smiley:

wow, crystal clear reflections, well done.

Here are two that I took a while back. The train was taken in Nova Scotia and the Egret was in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Enjoy!

Two awesome photos!
The one with the train seems like a commercial: those colors, those clouds, they almost seem painted.
And the Egret (I learned a new word today :wink: ) is absolutely beautiful, the water fading immediately after the bird, and the bird itself so crystal clear (and so perfectly white). Just amazing.

Well, this is my humble participation… I took this one this evening… a building reflected in the mirror-like windows of a office building.

Not so humble… well done, but I sure would hate to be the window washer for your subject building. Yikes! :smiley:

Very nice. Talking about window washers… they did a great job! :smiley:

This is my contribution which has reflection and control of light. I call it “Drunk Trooper”.

That certainly is an excellent reflection, but please remember this is a photo challenge and this forum is reserved for photography only. However, there is a graphic forum here at SitePoint and you may wish to start or enter a graphic war or graphic challenge.

This is a photo not a graphic creation.

love it! :lol: