Promoting your site

Does the constant promotion of your site get in the way of the enjoyment of your site?

I notice from reading on here that a lot of people spend a lot of time promoting their sites around the net,by posting on forums,blogs,social network sites,all with the aim of driving traffic to their sites. I have never searched out do follow sites to promote my own site,although i have recently started to utilize the main social network sites,as they require little work to get traffic,however minimal.

In a perfect world,traffic would just arrive without the need for promotion,but for most,promotion is essential. My site isn’t overly busy,but it ticks along,i am sure with more effort i could drive a lot more traffic towards it,at the same time,i wouldn’t want to spend all my free time doing that rather than actually spending time and posting on my own site.

Does the effort involved in promoting your site take away from having the site in the first place?

Promoting a site is time spending process. It needs patience and hard working. Forums, blogs, social book marking etc are very popular methods of bringing traffic to your site. Social networking is a very fast method to bring traffic to your site.

Yeah. Site promotion need smart work, than doing hard work. one should know, What we are doing, and what is the result would be?

Promoting your site is continuously. Even your site already reach it goals. :smiley: And it really helps to improve my rankings. All you need to do is handled your website in an SEO purposes. :slight_smile:

Site promotion is really time consuming but its worth the effort. Traffic is a key for your site to be more noticeable. What is the sense of your site if no one views its?

I do believe that constant promotion of website helps to keep good rankings and slowly move to better positions in SERPS. I have been promoting one site for about 3 years, and it was ranked #3 in Google (#1/#2 were Yahoo and MSN) for a long time (that keyword had millions of results returned).

As soon as I have finished promotion, site rankings got worse in 6 months or so.

Exactly. You have to work on SEO continuously, otherwise, your SERP will drop because others will climb over you. When others stopped working on it, your SERP will go up. Yes, it’s very competitive.

Generating website traffic has a pyramid effect. You post a quality website on one place, that person recommends that site to someone else, and word can slowly but surely spread. Also, any posts or forum replies stay on their respective websites for years. You can find your website getting referral links from forum posts from 3 years back so the more seeds you set early the better.

If i have to do that, first will use top niche social sites, write fresh contents on blog and submit in social media…but this is time consuming process until you are not ready to spend some pocket money on it to hire someone

You can easily outsource writers to write seo blog/articles.

wonderfully writterm

yes. i am working so hard about 14 hr per day get more traffic for my sites.

I have to spend atleast 10hrs on social bookmarking, directories to earn small bit of income from adsense. If i dont do I don’t get any earnings.

But many I have seen ,work less and earn more. I appreciate on their abilities.

candace4ever, do you spend 10 hours daily, weekly or monthly?

Actually I prefer writing, rather than spending time on marketing. I do not mind reading and making comments, and participating in forum. I just refuse to sign up for Facebook or Twitter. It’s a waste of time getting thousands of followers who may not visit the blogs.

Social Networking is the best thing in promoting your site.

Absolutely!..this is what i’ve been doing…

There is no secret involved in hard work, continue to promote your site and reap the rewards.

I must agree with you. It’s one of most effective methods today.

since i don’t do any promotion whatsoever, the answer has to be no, it does not :cool:

btw, “joe de vivre” is one of the best usernames i’ve ever seen – full marks for creativity