Anyone know of good SEO Courses?

As the title says, does anyone know of any good SEO courses, preferably free ones? I am a beginner at all this. I know the basics, but am befuddled as to why the SEO “experts” charge such large fees for this type of work. Is it really that challenging? Is there really that much skill / experience needed to get good results?

At the moment it seems to me, to be some kind of black art. But I’m sure there must be a way that even a moron like me can learn enough about SEO to get my website to the top of the tree, for at least some of my key search terms.

Anyways I’d be grateful for any pointers :smiley:

I should add that I have read the info on this forum and found it to be extremely informative

Yeah, you will definitely run into a lot of people selling SEO tactics. why?; because it straight out monetizes your website, if you have a better page rank or relevance to keywords your gonna get more visits –> more visits = more clicks on ads potentially and more $$. Here’s a pretty decent introduction to Google targeted SEO Google targeted SEO. SEO is a bit of a task though, one day you’ll have a number 1 page rank the next your three or four, the hardest part is maintaining your pagerank. Anyone can do it, just takes a bit of work. :slight_smile:

You can get most the information on SEO just by searching on the topic. Be careful what you read because some of the information may be outdated or plain incorrect.

Good Seo? To make your SEO effective you just follow just rules. At first you should choose a good domain name, title tag, meta keywords, meta description, image optimization, good content for on-page seo. Then you should create more and more back links by exchange links, blog commenting, forum posting, social book marking etc for off-page seo. If you do off-page seo regularly, your site will get good page rank and traffic.

SEO courses can either be free or paid. Free courses simply refers to the process of self-studying the various techniques in SEO by browsing instructional articles and videos in blog platforrms and social networking sites. You can subscribe to free newsletters too. Though, this type of training is time consuming and can be ineffective for some, especially for those who have no patience to organize things. You know, creating an outline is a must when you’re studying the fundamentals and complexities of SEO. Some blog authors are even using terms that are senseless to you and as a result, you’re reading an article without learning something. This happened to me four years ago. The first time I attended a seminar in SEO, I found it hard to understand how search engines work and why do they have these spiders who crawl on your sites. Yet, free courses can be also be fun. The fact that you don’t spend a dime, it simply means you’re giving yourself a chance to evaluate who you believe and why you believe them. The key here is patience.

Paid courses in SEO is, however, great in quality but expensive. You are paying for the company’s services and for those lecturers as well. You can really learn something valuable once you attend a paid training yet you have no freedom to choose who to believe. The lectures are, of course, centered on their products, services and formula of success. Truth is; their SEO Plan might not work for your niche. There is a need to thoroughly study its basics to understand what correct techniques will work for you. For example, if the lecturer recommends you to use an autoresponder, are you sure you need this tool for your campaign? Do you have the budget to pay its monthly fee? To my understanding, it’s still hard to say if you’ll be needing an autoresponder as a beginner, unless you have 100,000+ customers worldwide or your company is as big as Apple.

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Well, I would like to give you the straight and simple answer! Take a Reference to the “seoMOZ’s Beginners Guide To SEO”, it’s free , easy to read and understand the SEO facts!!

Hi PaulSpell,

I agree with Adrian98 point. read SEO blogs regularly like seomoz, Search Engine Land,SEOBook,Matt Cutts blog,Search Engine Roundtable and more… If you want do course i can suggest you the best SEO study center telezent In India.