Article marketing and forum posting - how effective

Hi All

I’m starting to build links to my site and have a few articles I can post on article directories and make some forum posts etc, my question is, how effective is this at increasing google ranking? Would I be better trying to get unqiue 1 way backlinks instead of spending my time writing articles and searching for relevant form posts to comment on?

Thanks in advance

Articles are the best way to rank for keywords in google. Make sure you find directories that have dofollow links and link back to your site with certain keywords. You can monitor the results, it really works.

If you’re writing relevant articles on related sites, and they allow you to provide links back to your site in the body of the article, that will help your ranking with search engines.

Forum posts are much less effective. The vast majority of reputable forums have all sorts of rules about links and self-promotion (as we do here) to stop them being overrun by spam - eg, links to your own websites must be relevant to the context and content, and all links in signatures are ‘nofollow’ so contribute nothing to your ranking.

I think Google Search Engine is smart enough to discover self ads and autopromotion in forum topics, so I don’t think it’s going to improve your PR. However, it can have an indirect effect, as you will get more traffic to your website using these links, and if people like your content, then they may post and spread your URLs elsewhere… which, could, at last, improve your PR

Articles are still a great way to increase your ranking in Google. Of course, the amount of competition in your niche will have a bearing on exactly how effective article marketing alone is.

I agree, they count nothing for ranking, but they are displaying in Google Webmaster Tools, so I think they actually count for something, at a lower level maybe.

If you put our articles just for the sake of backlinks then no, I don’t think 10 articles would do any wonders. If you’re actually going to market those articles, syndicate them, get them published on some authority blogs in your niche then yeah; it’s really powerful.