SEo on this website


what is wrong with the SEO on this website. the search engines are only ranking 1 page. How come?

www fromthepond

202 pages of that site are indexed.

You should create a Google Webmaster Tools account to get information about the indexing status of a site.

One problem you might be having is with duplicated content. Some of your pages are accessible from up to 4 distinct URLs. You need to be consistent in linking and redirect old ways to access a page to the most current URL.

should you only have 1 direct link to other pages around the site?

You can have as many links as you want.

I’m talking about how this exact page is accessible, and indexed by Google, with 4 different URLs:

How do i fix it?

I can remove the https from the main images which I think will take 2 links away but the other I have a SEO rewrite. Is there something I can do for the other?

Also, what are you using to see these links?

Searching Google; I linked to the search in my first post

If you changed your URLs, you should set up 301 directs from the old ones to the new ones, rather than letting two sets of URLs exist for the same pages