Google Webmaster tools, crawling problem?


Is this a concern? It shows 58 submitted and one indexed… what does that mean?



I have had some pages submitted to Google WebMaster Tools for months and in their infinite wisdom they have decided not to add the pages to their index without giving any reasons.

Perhaps your pages are similar to other pages which have additional content and Google’s algorithm has decided not to include your pages.

If you do not use Google’s Adsense then trying adding the adverts to your page and then it may make a difference.


All you can do really is check that your pages don’t violate Google’s quality guidelines in some way, which could be preventing them from being indexed.

More help here:


I’m not doing anything wrong as far as spamming, etc. I have had a change from http to https. If I run many of my pages come up.


Then I don’t think you have anything to worry about. It may just be taking time for Google to update their records following the move to https.


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