Seo language and localization


I have a website which is built to target US audience (to get mayor rankings on

I want to extend the site for the UK and DE market, and I’m having some SEO concerns.

I would like to make it so: -> US market products -> UK market products -> DE market products

I’ve been wondering how can I indicate to search engine that specific // language subpage is meant for a specific local market?

I use xml:lang and html lang parameters which only define the language that is read by search robot.

How can I tell the google that are products for uk market which should rank on and are for us market, are for german market?

I want to keep current rankings, and optimize the site for local rankings.

Thanks for help

IMO it is better to build sites like and instead of creating a folder of that country name and translating content using Google translator.

All approaches - by localized domain, subdomain or subfolder have pros and cons.

The best way is the one that is suggested by seork but if you are using proper title, description and tags for pages, it might work for you. I have tried this previous and I had queit okay results but not that satisfactory…

It is possible to make different pages to target different countries. You need to add suitable title and url for each page and get the Google maps indicating the locality for each page. Also add address and telephone numbers in different pages pointing different regions.

Having said all these things it is highly appreciated to have different domains for different countries to target the regional traffic easily