Single Domain with Multiple Countries

Dear Friends,

I am having one website, am going to start SEO for that website, my question is am going to focus 3countries by using this one domain. So give some feedbacks, what are all I want to do? Both on & off page SEO?

Did you mean target visitor from three different country? If yes, I suggest you to optimize first your website on If you have a good SERP on the .com, then you can optimize for the target country by get quality and relevan backlink from each TDL country domain/site as well as in content backlink from the site’s that use the language that you targeting.

Thanks for your response. Yes am going to promote in .com only. In off page work what are all I wann to do to bring top on ?

Get quality backlink from relevant English language forum, blog commenting with variety anchor text and don’t forget to consistently updating the fresh and unique content for your website.

Okay, sure… And one more thing can I display all the 3 countries on title tag? For example:
<title>Iphone App Development Malaysia, India, USA</title>
Can I add like this?

Both of those practices are likely to be regarded as Spamming, if you do them to gain backlinks, rather than to make a useful contribution, and you are more likely to be banned than to benefit. In any case, such links will not help you much. Search engines regard any link which you can easily place yourself as pretty much worthless - and any reputable forum or blog will have external links marked as “nofollow” to try to deter people from doing just this.

Yes, if you want.

Okay, thank you… But I didn’t understand what you mentioned in top TechnoBear ?

Forums and blog comments are places for sharing views and information, not places for posting your link. Dropping links in forum posts or blog comments is likely to be regarded as Spamming, unless the link is relevant and adds real value to the discussion. Adding a link to every post you make will certainly be regarded as Spamming.

Even where sites allow links (such as signature links on this forum) they are likely to be marked as “nofollow”. This tells the search engines to ignore them, and they will therefore do you no good as backlinks.

Does that explain it?

Yeah, I agree with your valuable points and thanks for explaining for me… So no problem about that title tag that I asked you before?

As long as the their language is same there wont be any issue, If you thinking to have same website for and .fr then surely you need to have language pages to translate the website into the local country language. Google will pick the right language version automatically for each country.