How to do Local SEO?

I want to do SEO for a non english website. This is the Swedish restaurant’s website which receives online orders country wide. Please give me best ideas to drive local traffic and want search engine ranking in for targeted keywords…

Create content which is significant to your location and focus on keywords that your approaching clients are searching for.

  1. Localize your keywords
  2. Create a link connection to local pages
  3. Use local domain
  4. Use the language of your target area/market for your content

I agree with you, this is the best tactics & I followed it in some projects & certainly got a best result from this.

All Highlighted tips are helps much for listing business and get traffic . Localizing Keywords helps to reduce competition and Ranked when people Searching for local Services .

use your area name in your keywords and submit in local directory.

There are many resources that focus in providing local data. You can take some time to find out the sources and there you can add your info. This is more than ever helpful for local SEO.

The best thing to do without a doubt, is create much quality content. Quality content means anything and everything that can be of use to a visitor of your site, without resorting to pointless “promotion”. If you write about the food, write as if you are an independent food critic. If it is about the buildings/ambiance/location and such, write it as if you are expert journalist on those subjects.
Do all the writing in a natural style and avoid drowning your pages with keywords.


I would like to suggest you that keep your keywords unique and localize. So that if any one search the keywords it can be highlighted easily in the search engines. And submit the website to the local directory and submit the website to the local business listing sites. This will help you to drive local traffic.

Join to your local community and service providers. Buy local domain or local keyword (suitable word, Location , Business, Property, Item, Service) Use your Localize keywords. Use specific signs, areas, markets, unique items, local language keywords to get attention to your site. Highlight and put highly searched keywords used in your local area. These are the best techniques to receive local attention and flow of traffic from specific regions.

Agree with everybody’s point.for a local SEO its important to firstly localize your keywords,try to get connected with the local pages through the links, create a local domain and also go for the creation of the relevant and a good business content. Also make sure the use of the language of your area/market for your content.

Don’t forget that local websites get a FREE advertisement which appears above the regular search results. You just have to confirm the business address by entering the code they send you in the mail. I did it for a buddy of mine to help him get customers for his mechanic business.

1.Do the Google places
2.Make some links on food forums
3.List this restaurant on all search sites for food -directory
4.Make a food blog and so on!!! Good luck!

if you want to do local seo then you have to build backlink in local sites e.g .ca,.us etc.

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