Seo help needed

I’m having problems getting my web page ( in google search results. It’s the official web site for the game “Armageddon Wars” and it should at least be on the first page when people search for that term, but it doesn’t appear at all. It’s embarrassing, because the warez sites with the cracked version of my game appear first in the search result. I read various SEO tips and followed all the recommendations, the game title is in the html title, it’s in the h1 tag and it’s in the meta keywords. It’s not in the url, but it’s too late to change that because the web page is already linked externally. If anyone could offer any advice I would be grateful.

How long as your site been there? Google certainly knows it exists, and it has indexed it, so the problem is that it isn’t rating it highly enough. If it’s only been there since 22 June, it might just take a little while longer. You’re already top rank for Yahoo! for ‘armageddon wars’, and second on Bing for ‘“armageddon wars”’ (ie you need the quotes to search for the phrase on Bing).

A couple of things you could do to improve the on-page SEO:

[list][]Repeat “Armageddon Wars” at the top of every page as a banner, and make it a link back to the home page. This will help spiders that arrive at an internal page, and it will also show your site to be cohesive and consistent.
]In particular, the door to the forum seems to be one-way only. You can get from the other pages to the forum, but once you’re in the forum I couldn’t see any links back out.[/list]

Not having the product name in the URL is not catastrophic. You could always register and redirect that onto the existing site (or vice versa). Look at setting up a Facebook group or pages on other social networking sites that can include links to yours. Find relevant sites, blogs and forums - see if you can get some of them to let you write an article about your game and you can get some good links in there. Submitting a Google Sitemap can also speed up the indexing.

You have to promote your site using your target keywords. You have to build more backlinks on it.


well I wanted to ask have you tried any SEO work on your site if yes then I don’t think you have got the result as I can see that your site backlink is too low which can be the reason your site not getting any Traffic…If you are not that familiar about SEO then you can hire someone who knows it well or the easy way can be for you is to take help from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that can also help your site to get some exposure…

you have to maintain some quality back links for your site. there are lots of problem in your site improver some on page and of page optimization and canonical problem. you have require some high quality back link. put the signature linking with your posting.


I also noticed when searching for some ebooks first websites appearing in organic results are the black hat forums, but hell yea, they get a lot of links and it’s really hard to take them below…

Warez sites get lots of links very quickly. Your site (especially being new) will take longer to get links but (if it’s a good quality resource) should eventually get better links and overtake them.

Google loves links.

I would guess that the warez sites have been around for a while, and it’s just the Armageddon pages that are new, and they are generally much quicker to give a good rank to new pages on existing sites than to completely new sites.

You can report spam on Google, which might help get rid of some of the warez sites:

Yeah, I see now both yahoo and bing have found my website. It doesn’t make sense to me why google is taking so long. I mean it found the warez sites almost immediately. It almost seems to favour warez sites over legitimate sites.
Anyway, I’ll try your suggestions. Thanks for your help.