Critique and Tips?

Hi Folks,

I’m helping a friend try to boost his search rankings on Google. He had his navigation and page headers coded into images. I replaced these with their text version and tagged all their img’s with alt tags and gave all his pages a decent title description. However, doing this removed “laser rental” on most of the pages and dropped him down to the second page of Google.

That’s the story, here are a few questions:

  1. It seems like a common term across all pages, like “laser rental”, could potentially bump the entire site’s weight up for that search??
  2. Can you provide tips on getting my clients ranked higher for the search term “laser rental”
  3. Can you take a look at the site and provide any feedback that in general would be beneficial? (This site was not designed be me, heh)

Here is the link

Thanks so much!

I would say you did the right thing there removing the images.

Sometimes when you makes changes like that SERP rank drops temporarily. You may wanna give it some more time see if they get back up.

You probably could put some links for that keyword, that might help.

If you want to rank higher for “laser rental” you have to provide more information on that exact topic. On the homepage you mention “laser rental” only twice but you talk about “rental” (the generic term by itself) several other times in that paragraph.

Add specific content, unique to the topic to give this site a reason to rank for that phrase. Why would I visit this site to learn about laser rental any more than I would visit the sites that currently outrank it?

Rankings may dip for many reasons. Perhaps one of his competitors has added a bunch of new pages or has attained some new links? Maybe Google have dropped the ranking to reevaluate the page at a later crawl?

Your changes do sound good and I’m sure that, even though they won’t drastically improve the sites rankings, they’ll help the site progress and become stronger over time.

Great suggestions guys. Using the term more frequently throughout the site was sort of a DUH moment for me.

Adding more links was mentioned more than one here. Do you mean relevant links to other sites could boost my page rank?