Seo for beginner

can you guys suggest me the video tutorial for seo for beginner where everything is taught like

    • submitting site to google console
    • meta description and tag
    • Canonical tags
    • twiter card
    • schema and sitemaps and so on

everything we need for setttingup for seo…
i just found on page seo, off page ,keywords but i believe we need above setup before start doing on page and off page and other stuff

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Have you done a search on YouTube? Here is a full 2-hour course video on many of those topics in SEO and tools.

yes i havve done google search but i could fine paid/free course, first of all we need to setup few thing for seo like.

  1. submit on google console.
  2. sitemap xml
  3. schema
  4. Canonical tags
  5. meta description
  6. robot.txt

but i cant these process but i find directly keywords search, on page/off page, backlinks and so on, before i go for on page seo keywords research, i believe thats above step should me perform or more steps… should done, im looking for the very first steps for seo… everysteps, i find tutorials saying what is seo and how rank higher, keywords search but i couldnt find beginner steps submttting on search engine, fix error, basic setup

I believe this video can be starting point for discovering SEO world haha
good luck!

Actually, the best way to study something is to be taught by the best. So, I recommend you finding the best local seo service and ask them some questions. When Steve Jobs was 13 years old, he needed some details to make a device. He called up Bill Hewlett (the co-founder of HP) and ASKED him to give him those details. And Bill did. Later he offered Steve a job, so that’s how Steve earned his first money and experience. So, curiosity should drive you. Hope that story will motivate you. Best wishes!

SEO Starter Guide: The Basics | Google Search Central | Documentation | Google Developers. and SEO Resources
After you finish beginner guide you can find many link in resources to work more in SEO.

First, kindly let me know if your site is created with WordPress or any other platform. If it is with WordPress, I think I may help you well as I am a blog writer about WordPress & WooCommerce. However, I have already written a blog about how to create a sitemap for WordPress to quickly index on a search engine which is beneficial for SEO beginners. You can check it out…


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