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My Name is Jessica, I have good experience in website development. I have developed many website using PHP and Magento. I am also working for Medma Infomatix as dedicated PHP developer remotely but currently I found a new SEO requirement for some websites. So, I want to learn some new things in SEO. I have few idea about onPage as well as OffPage but no idea how to implement these technique on website. I updated Meta tags on website and add google analytics. Can you please provide me some faithful tutorials for SEO or can you provide some easy way to rank a website.

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Welcome to the forums, @jessicamarksusa.

The place to start is Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

After that, you can delve further into the search engine guidelines. The major search engines, especially Google, provide a great deal of useful information.

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Thank You TechnoBear,
For PDF and links.
Nice to meet you.

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I am working almost for 4 years as a SEO analyst, and I would like to tell you. SEO is all about experience, and if you want learn some basic terms, then very first learn some ON Page SEO techniques. Because it is the most powerful part of SEO. Here are some basic terms of SEO, I am sharing below.

While writing the content for your blog or your client’s blog,

  • Use your focus keyword in a perfect density in your content.

  • 1% keyword density is good and it can helps you to rank on google.

  • After that, use LSI keyword in your content.

  • Use H2, H1, H3 heading in your content.

  • Must use your focus keyword at least one time in H2 heading.

  • Use a proper meta description, and it must contains focus keyword.

  • Your SEO title must contains the focus keyword.

These are some useful tips and tricks, that can help you to understand the SEO terms.
I hope you got some useful answers, and it can help you.

Keyword density depends. You have to examine the competition in you niche for given keyword and then to decide the %. But i think 1.5 - 2% is good for starters. Meta description must contain focus keyword in the beginning. Use only one h1 tag too.

You need to focus on article content, keyword density.
Also, you should write many news articles (not yet tagged) and SEO articles besides the main SEO article.
offpage: one day, you need write many artice. 1 artice post it on 10 forums. One article include 3 keywords.
Use tools to increate views as iclick. like us …
Sorry for my english is not good

I strongly suggest you don’t.

Forums are, by nature, a place for discussion, and articles do not in general lead to good discussions. Posting anything with the intention of promoting your site (by way of links or whatever) is more likely to get your account banned than anything else. Also, posting the same article on multiple forums is unlikely to benefit you, but will very likely annoy the forums.

If you have written a good article, then post it on your own site, where you will get the full benefit of any visitors interested in reading it, and any boost to SEO. Why would you want to give another site the benefit of your work?

Forum posting may help to drive traffic to your site, if you are a regular and helpful contributor, but it is unlikely to have a direct effect on SEO. Remember, reputable sites will mark user-submitted links nofollow, as we do here. Remember to check the forums’ rules before posting to avoid any problems.

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SEO Tips:

  • Design for your Promotional Strategy.
  • Write the unique and fresh article for your website.
  • Use High-Density keyword for your promotional activity.
  • Optimize for your website(Meta code, sitemap, robots.txt, URL Structure, Redirect broken link, Header tag, and Image Optimization.)
  • Generate Do-Follow and HIgh DA Backlinks for your website.

To clarify:
The opposite of nofollow is follow; there is no attribute “do-follow”.

DA is a metric created and used by to predict how well a domain might perform in search results. It is not used by any search engine I know of, and does not influence SEO.

Key word research is everything in SEO. first check the key words that other websites are targeting in your niche relevant topic make a list out of it. Target your own key words. Make sure your content is high quality and keep key word density 2.5%. SEO on page is all about working on your pages and posts.Offpage is all about making your backlinks strong check high pr social bookmarking , image sharing,directory submission and submit your link and targeted key words to make back link strong. The most easy way to rank a website is make it’s back link stronger keeping key word density in mind while making content and keeping your meta short and simple with focus key words in it.

To start off, I would suggest reading “Beginner’s Guide to SEO” by Moz. It’s free to download on Google. That will give you very valuable information and idea how everything works.

There are a lot of things to do if you want to do SEO. You have a good start by using Meta Tags and Google Analytics, now you need to submit your site to Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools. After that, submit sitemap, and robots.txt file. I know it looks confusing, but make one step at a time, and there’s a lot of information on Google how to do each of this step.

After that, submit every post on “Fetch as Google” feature in Google Webmaster Tools. That helps to get your site and pages indexed faster.

Later on - regular, fresh content with long-tail keywords, link building, building social media following. Don’t forget to create profile for your page on Google+ also, as it says it helps with SEO.

I think your tips are just essential and involve the most information, awesome!

First, you need to find out right keyword for your business website. You can use google keyword planner to get right keywords for separate page.After that you need unique content to submit over different platform such as social bookmarking, classified, video submission etc. As well use unique in article and blog submission.

Submitting content to other sites will not help SEO on your own site. If you have quality content worth publishing, then why not put it on your own site, where you will also get the benefit of any traffic generated.

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