Can I choose this

Recently I heard about the career in Search Engine Optimization and I also know some thing about SEO. Shall I choose this in my career but before that I want to know its scope in future and requirements.

Well, in short : You can be whatever you want to be.

SEO is a somewhat ‘new’ career path. It includes understanding Online Marketing, how different search engines rank websites (weblinks, content, etc…), how different countries use different marketing schemes to get their product across, and generally, what the public look for.

It is an ever changing subject, one that requires an individual to really think outside of the box (and sometimes, simply ‘Googling’ popular search phrases of a particular object).

Many E-Commerce companies are looking into SEO to really make their profits sky-rocket.
For example, the company I work for considers hiring someone specifically for SEO.
SEO plays a big part in how your E-Commerce company performs, be it selling products on eBay, Amazon, or simply from your own storefront.

Search Engine Optimization is an interesting career path however it’s a job that’s filled with misinformation, poor practices and it takes someone with a real eye for detail and high morel values to be able to carry out the job. The problem is that it’s the only Internet related career which has a history of it’s employees spending their time violating the search engines and committing practices which damage the quality of websites and content. Don’t get me wrong, working on the web is an excellent career choice however getting into Internet marketing would be much better than SEO because there are less dubious practices involved in the task. :slight_smile:

If you were to work in SEO your job would essentially be based around promoting websites by using techniques to give them a better position in search engines like Google (giving the search engines all the information they need to make your relevant information appear as soon as possible in results). You might also spend time working with social networking sites like YouTube (video promotion), Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and all the other places which allow you to link to websites (promoting the brand through word of mouth). It’s all about being able to communicate to people, be subtle, informative and relevant. Spamming websites is the sign of a poor SEO practitioner, working in the field is about trying to make the information as visible as possible with the smallest amount of detriment to the end user and the hosts of such promotions. Hope this is a useful intro for you, if you want I could recommend you some good books to get started. :slight_smile:

But being an internet marketer, you will also be dealing with SEO, actually they are the ones who understand it the most from my opinion.

Actually, Internet marketing is more associated with campaigns through social media, advertising, sponsorship deals, word of mouth and other relevant methods of promotion, it’s very rare for a marketer to involve themselves in trying to trick search engines into paying attention. Their not snake oil salesmen trying to flood the web with backlinks and PR techniques. Marketing is the conventional trade for promotion, SEO is the trash talking occupation for people taking the email spam approach (hit the fly with a nuke and it’ll surely finish it off), this is backed up by all the misinformation and false proclamations you always see in SEO (not that all practitioners are like that, just a large proportion of them). They take very different directions and they don’t tend to mix their methods either (SEO promoters spend their neuroses vexed on meaningless PR numbers rather than actual value), I don’t know any conventional marketing gurus whom mess in SEO (as we know it). :slight_smile: