Suggestion Required

I am working as a Sr.SEO from last 3 years. As you all know that SEO is dead now a days. There isn’t any type of growth in SEO field now. Even I cant get good salary also. Please suggest me alternative career. Whether i should start to learn programming or i should go to Business development and analysis side?

It is hard to ask someone to suggest you a career or the path you should take without knowing you at all. This is too personal. I would say that you ask yourself certain questions… what do you like? what would you like to be? how much do you want to earn? (yes, cash is important but you shouldn’t pick your career based on the salary only) Do you want to go corporate or rather be by yourself and freelance?

Age also plays a big factor.

When you have these answers, then you should have a clear idea of what you should do (either study, prepare, write down a business plan…)

You don’t necessarily have to stay in the IT field if you don’t like it

It is ultimately depends on you that how you expose yourself in this field by updating your knowledge daily with new algorithms,technologies & Blogs.Keep believing in yourself strong enough that “i made my career in SEO,I will explore”. When your skills&knowledge are good enough up to the level then you no need to think about your career path.Be confident first that i’ve chosen the right path.Learn new technologies daily update with google algorithms.Then you’ll feel the difference.