Selling PDF best practice?

Hey guys how are you? I have taken a very long hiatus from the forums and was instead building a property management business. It basically took me 3 years to build all the forms and put together all the pieces from A to Z. My partner ended up screwing me in the end which forced me to separate and take what I built with me. I don’t have the want to do the biz again and I am instead attempting to sell what I built as a package (AKA all the legal forms) and how to. I have built my site and organized the forms purchasing from their perspective. I have all the PDFs and accompanying editable word docs.

So now I simply need to portray them in a way that will sell well. I have all the links fashionably organized in folders for the web (that’s how it plays on the front end as well) and when they click on the pdf it simply opens as a pdf in a separate window (I assume most all devices have pdf today). I will briefly explain that each pdf comes with its identical and ediable word doc (and let’s assume 99% of aspiring property managers have microsoft word).

So now my only question that remains is… what’s the best way to present the forms (AKA pdfs)? I figured I would just cut each in half and say in order to get the full doc you need to purchase the package (like $29 or so). Or more I don’t know yet. I also have the option to convert each PDF to image only in order to encourage the purchasing of the real thing. Do you guys have any other options you could suggest that I have not thought of? To encourage the purchasing of the package from their perspective?

If you have already explained in length the value and documented the contents of the PDF packages you have to offer, I see no reason to cut them in half or anything. If you think the user may not know what she is getting, just invite the user to email you with any questions. Then let them buy.

From what I’ve seen here with various SitePoint books, the free PDF contains the Table of Contents and a few sample chapters.

i.e. enough to show what’s in the book and give a taste of the writing style.

This would require you to have two PDF versions, a free and a premium.

I guess it all boils down to creating a good teaser and either a) hire a good copywriter or b) learn about copywriting

I would suggest creating small samples of free PDFs which reveal enough to hook them and get them excited but not that much to reveal all your big guns an give them to no reason for buying the entire thing.

Also, in the free pdf you can promote and use many calls to action, just by listing the table of contents and a taste of the writing style is not enough to get them hooked. That’s why I suggest to hire a copywriter or do it yourself

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